On this page you'll find step by step instructions for removing the Google Redirect virus yourself and thus free. Before undertaking this task there are a few things you need to know.

Follow all of the steps below for manual removal of the Google Redirect Virus. If after all of the following steps restart your computer. Check to see if the virus was removed by performing an internet search and clicking a few of the search results. If the Google Redirect Virus is still present then see the Redirect Virus Fix.

Step # 1 Manual (FREE) Google Redirect Virus Removal

Check you internet browser LAN settings. Launch Internet Explorer. Select menu Tools > Internet Options. Click the Connections tab. Click the LAN settings button. Make sure Use a Proxy Server for your LAN is UNCHECKED.

Internet options dialog box of the Internet Explorer browser. Internet Explorer LAN settings dialog box.

Step #2 Manual (FREE) Google Redirect Virus Removal

Verify DNS settings integrity. Launch Control Panel: Start > type in ncpa.cpl. Right click Local Area Connection. Select Properties from the menu. Select to highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Click Properties. Make sure Obtain IP Address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically are the ones selected.

Getting to the network connections dialog box with Windows Start Menu. Local area connections dialog box.

Internet Protocol dialog box.

Step #3 Manual (FREE) Google Redirect Virus Removal

Reset Windows HOSTS file to default. The most frequent method with which the Google Redirect Virus hijacks your internet search results is through manipulation of the Windows HOSTS file. Here are instructions for resetting your HOSTS file. I don't want to go in to depth on how to do this yourself because it is too complicated for most and can cause lots of problems if you get this wrong. Another issue to consider is any changes made to the HOSTS file by legitimate software on your PC may cease to perform as expected once the HOSTS file has been reset or altered. If you want to view your HOSTS file you can navigate to it:

Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Me... %WinDir%\hosts
Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8... %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Step #4 Manual (FREE) Google Redirect Virus Removal

See which browser add-ons are installed. The simplest and most safe way to do this is download the free program WinPatrol which is a fantastic Windows guardian program everyone should have installed on their computer. One of the main jobs of WinPatrol is to monitor your Windows HOSTS file and notify you if anything tries to make a change to it (including the Google Redirect Virus).  Once you have WinPatrol installed click on the IE Helpers tab. That will show you any add-ons attached to Internet Explorer. If you are having the redirect virus problem on other browsers search for how to display and remove add-ons for that browser by searching Google. By the way, any IE add-ons installed, whether legit or not will slow down the loading and running of Internet Explorer.

WinPatrol screen showing Internet Explorer addons which may be the cause of Google Redirect Virus.

Step #5 Manual (FREE) Google Redirect Virus Removal

Run antivirus scans with at least two good virus/trojan removal software tools. One of them should be Microsoft Security Essentials which is also free. The seconds scan should be with a good solid paid virus scan such as Kaspersky anti virus. I DO NOT recommend Norton OR Mcafee for antivirus solutions as they both use way too much memory among other things.


After performing ALL five of these steps restart your computer to complete the process. If you still have the Google Redirect Virus then its time to pull out the heavy artillery with Redirect Virus Fix software.

The main problem with attempting to kill this virus manually is virus's, including the Google Redirect Virus come in many variations and many forms. Using the Redirect Virus Fix Software package performs all of the necessary steps to remove this virus from your computer permanently without the risk of screwing something up on your PC which will leave you with an even worse problem.

Additionally the Redirect Virus Fix software gets updated frequently so as changes or alterations to the Google Redirect Virus occur the software automatically stays - well - updated. Bottom line is unless you really know what you are doing the Redirect Virus Fix software will save you lots of time and potential PC nightmares. (I really hate seeing people throw their computer out the window).

As a final note the old saying about an ounce of prevention.... once you finally get this nasty virus off your PC do the following to prevent the Google Redirect Virus from ever hitting your PC again (or any virus for that matter).

  1. Download an install WinPatrol - FREE. You should have done that already.
  2. Download and install Microsoft Security Essentials - FREE. You should have done THAT already.
  3. Download Sandboxie - FREE. Any time you are visiting a web site that is even slightly questionable visit that web site through sandboxie.